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We offer ISP consulting services to describe the concepts behind the Imagine Wireless and how an ISP, a goverment agency, and a nation could migrate to and support these ISP architectures.

We are offering short term and initial engagements through Advisory Cloud and by Corporate Purchase Order. Longer term annual relationships at discounted rates can be negotiated.

To Schedule a Meeting on Advisory Cloud: Click here and go to Advisory Cloud
Then Click on the “Work with Me Button”
Specify the topic as “Imagine Wireless ISP Reference Architecture”

The Wireless Architecture -
Imagine Wireless ISP Reference Architecture:

Our Wireless Architecture is designed around several premises:
1) It must interoperate with the existing IPv4 Internet and run parallel to the IPv6 Internet.
2) It must have a migration path for all IPv4 deployed addresses to a new version of IPv4 which we are calling IPv4Nxt.
3) It must leverage the existing use of BGP while wrapping a superset of features around it to create BGPvNxt.
4) It must provide IP traffic origin visibility at the country level and Autonomous System level using existing ASNs.
5) It must provide for protected and secure networks called Islands of Trust to protect against nation state attacks.
6) It must allow for networked communities of trust running across Islands of Trust within countries for specific functions for effective communications in Democracies, while under cyberattacks from nation state actors.
7) It must support new IP protocols for these specific functions, while retiring insecure protocols like Telnet.
8) It must update DHCP functionality to provide new information to the end node and support for up to 10 Gateways.
9) It must retain Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6, while enabling transitional Triple Stack IPv4/IPv6/IPv4Nxt and then finally supporting the fully migrated Dual Stack IPv4Nxt/IPv6.
10) It must not be a Great Firewall but rather stand that architecture on its head to reflect Democratic values and trust.
11) It must leverage existing and emerging physical layer architectures in the 4G/5G/6G spaces.
12) It must assume some countries won’t migrate to it because it doesn’t meet their autocratic system’s political goals.
13) It must provide traceability and visibility into networks still operating older IPv4 to see and understand their outbound cyberattacks and then auto-deter them with AI.
14) It must interoperate with Imagine Network ISP Reference Architecture.
15) The number of foreign concepts must be kept to a minimum, to enable ease of learning and ease of deployments.
16) Finally it must expand the number of available IPvNxt addresses to last 30 years.